I've always loved flowers, even as a child. Fascinated by their perfection." 

  -Niesa Putigna


Growing a dream... literally.

Hi, I’m Niesa! My dream became a reality when my husband, Flor, and I purchased 13 acres and built our farmhouse in 2017. Flor and I, along with our 7 kids, moved in and settled into farm life. We have turkeys, goats, chickens, donkeys, pigs and milking cows! But where my childhood dreams really came true was in the rows of blossoming, unique plants that produce the most beautiful blooms full of fragrance and texture. I am in my element when I am in the potting shed, designing and arranging breathtaking arrangements of flowers that I picked just one hundred feet away. It was here that Farm Nine was founded.

In March 2018, Flor and I came up with a plan for our 13 acres. We gutted our yard and created rows of flower beds, installed irrigation, and built a hoop house. By the beginning of June, flowers were blooming and we had enough to offer at a market stand at the Winter Garden Farmer’s Market.


 The meaning behind the name 

We chose the name Farm Nine because we have a family of nine. Flor and I adopted two of our seven children from Ethiopia. Through thick and thin, it’s all about family and this business has been no different. Everyone plays a role – our older sons can operate the tractor, and the other children meticulously (not without some complaining :) help start thousands of seeds and make bouquets.

 What's Next for Farm Nine...

Farm Nine currently supplies beautiful and unique flower arrangements for weddings and events in Central Florida. We are also selling bouquets and arrangements at the Winter Garden Farmer's Market every week and offer various special arrangements during all of the holidays. We locally deliver all of these items and also offer a Pick Up option.

The Farm is not open to the public, but we invite you to visit our shop on 4 S. Tubb St in Oakland, FL.  Thanks!